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April 27, 2017

The Boston Globe's Cate McQuaid has reviewed our Bill Jacobson retrospective, This Is, this is. In the review McQuaid writes:

"Jacobson’s work of the last decade may not have the sentiment of his earlier images. Instead, they have sly humor. All his photographs display his astute curiosity about how the tools of picture-making — focusing, framing, tonality — influence our perceptions and shape our understanding. In or out of focus, this artist’s images push back at us, questioning our assumptions, and pushing at our bruises."

The retrospective runs across both venues until April 30.

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Paulette Tavormina Releases New Work in Advance of April 2016 Book Publication

January 29, 2016

"The Natura Morta images I have made in response to the Old Masters are intensely personal interpretations of timeless, universal stories. Years from now, I hope that the photographs I create will affect someone as deeply as the Old Masters' paintings have affected me."

Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty will be released by The Monacelli Press in April 2016.

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© PAULETTE TAVORMINA, Blackberries and Butterfly, after A.C. (from the series Natura Morta), 2015


The Eye of Photography Covers "Gohar Dashti: Stateless"

January 20, 2016

StatelessGohar Dashti’s most recent series of photographs, offers an outlook on citizenship and homeland that is especially timely in light of the current refugee crisis in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The exhibition is shown at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri in Boston.

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"Images from Iran filled with mystery, drama"

January 13, 2016

In Wednesday's reveiw of Gohar Dashti: Stateless, on display at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) through February 22, The Boston Globe's Cate McQuaid writes:

"'Gohar Dashti: Stateless,' photographs on view at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri, is a timely exhibition, given the Syrian refugee crisis. It’s also achingly timeless.

"Dashti, an Iranian artist, stages scenes that blend humble detail with mythic implication. She grew up during the Iran-Iraq War; it prompted her family to move from southern Iran to the far north. Displacement was rampant. Her photos depict enigmatic tales rooted in her own experience.

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"Gohar Dashti: Selected Works" Exhibition at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

December 18, 2015

Featuring 16 images from Iran, Untitled, 2013, and Stateless, 2015, as well as the video, Slow Decay, Gohar Dashti’s Selected Works are set in Iran, but the ideas therein transcend geography. By exploring the influence of history in a manner more squarely focused on the aesthetic rather than the political, the images underscore human experience. In establishing this common denominator, the images serve as a potential gateway to a greater understanding of the impact of history on contemporary society and of Iranian culture.

“With Gohar Dashti: Selected Works, we seek to stimulate thought, research, and dialogue about both its specific, cultural implications and its universal, human implications, set in the context of high aesthetic value,” says Zora Carrier, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts' Executive Director.

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artnet News Highlights Gallery's Fundraiser for UNCHR, "Paris Photo in Boston"

December 17, 2015

"Before you leave Newbury Street, be sure to visit Robert Klein Gallery for their re-imagining of “Paris Photo in Boston," as the Parisian art fair ended early this year. If you happen to be looking to acquire new photography, 10 percent of all print and book sales at Robert Klein will be donated to the Office of the United Nations, so keep that in mind!"


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The Boston Globe Praises Gallery's "Paris Photo in Boston" Benefit for UNHCR

December 17, 2015

"Revelers thought of Paris as they mingled at a reception at the Robert Klein Gallery on Tuesday night. The photography showroom planned the evening as a benefit for the United Nations Refugee Agency. The display featured works that were meant to be shown during the international photography exhibition Paris Photo 2015."

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Martin Parr includes Jim Dow, Bruce Davidson in "Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers" at Barbican

December 15, 2015

Curated by the iconic British photographer Martin Parr, this exhibition is a timely consideration of how international photographers from the 1930s onwards have captured the social, cultural, and political identity of the UK through the camera lens. From social documentary and street photography, to portraiture and architectural photography by some of the leading lights of 20th and 21st century photography, the artists include Tina Barney, Gian Butturini, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Raymond Depardon, Rineke Dijkstra, Jim Dow, Robert Frank, Bruce Gilden, Shinro Ohtake, Gilles Peres, Paul Strand, and Hans van der Meer, among others.

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"Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty" Special Edition Print & Book Set

December 1, 2015

In advance of the April 2016 release of Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty by The Monacelli Press, PAULETTE TAVORMINA and ROBERT KLEIN GALLERY proudly offer a special edition print & book set. All profits from the special edition set will fund Tavormina's 2016 exhibition at Academy Art Museum, Easton, MD. Collectors will be recognized as supporters in the exhibition catalog.

The special edition set includes a signed copy of Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty in a cloth slipcase and a print of one of two images: Peaches and Hydrangeas, after G.G., 2015, or Vanitas IV (Dreams), after A.C., 2015. The print edition is limited to 30 and is inclusive of both images.
Contact Maja Orsic, Director of Robert Klein Gallery, for more information or to reserve a special edition set.

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TIME Picks the Best Photobooks of 2015, Includes Bill Jacobson, Newsha Tavakolian, and Gordon Parks

November 25, 2015

"Here at TIME, we work on our own list of the year’s best photobooks, selected by a committee of photography writers, editors and curators."

Place (Series) by Bill Jacobson, selected by author and photography critic Philip Gefter: "They are photographs of a conceptual nature, all referring to a kind of Minimalist aesthetic, a frame within a frame, addressing the photographic plane on a truly perceptual level."

Gordon Parks: Back to Fort Scott by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and The Gordon Parks Foundation, selected by LIFE Photo Editor Liz Ronk: "Gordon Parks revisited his hometown in Kansas in 1950 to shoot this story for LIFE - the story never ran and this is the first time it has been published."

Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album by Newsha Tavakolian, selected by TIME LightBox editor Olivier Laurent: "I can't think of another country that has been as much in the news in 2015 than Iran. From the nuclear deal signed in July and adopted in October, to the country's involvement in Yemen and Syria, Iran is asserting itself on the world stage. And yet, it remains, for many people in the so-called West, a mystery.

"With her book Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album, Newsha Tavakolian shows us the complexity of her home country using the familiar mechanism and aesthetics of the photo album - an object we can all relate to.

"Through her careful selection of images, Tavakolian also shows that artistry and journalism can cohabit, a lesson some documentary photographers tend to forget at times."

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Paris Photo in Boston

November 20, 2015

To continue the initiative of Galerie Alain Gutharc in Paris, Robert Klein Gallery will welcome the public to its Newbury Street showroom to view an installation of photographs as imagined for Paris Photo 2015. Ten percent of the proceeds from all print and book sales will be donated to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. A date and time for this event will be announced shortly.

"Because such events cannot and must not deprive us of our most important cultural events..."

- Florence Bourgeois, Director of Paris Photo

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Paulette Tavormina Featured in flower magazine

September 2, 2015

"[Paulette] Tavormina uses symbolism to take her viewers beyond the beauty of the subject and to tell a story of shared human emotions. A beautiful example is her photograph Peaches and Morning Glories, after G.G. Tavormina purchased a morning glory plant and nurtured it on the windowsill of the Manhattan studio apartment where she lives and does all of her photography.

"'The day before shooting I set up the foundation, and then that morning, I plucked the morning glories,' she says. 'There were only two blossoms that first day and they were so fragile that as soon as they were picked, they disintegrated. On the second day, I felt the dead blossoms should be part of it.' Breaking open one peach, she centered it in the grouping and laid the pit on the table to suggest a life cycle.

"It’s a little bit about hope and a little bit about life. It’s about feeling the abundance we have all around us."


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The Boston Globe: Fashionable Formalism at Robert Klein Gallery

August 26, 2015

"Women in Clothes, the sprightly and elegant summer show at Robert Klein Gallery (open this week by appointment), trumpets the superb formalism of mid-century fashion photographers.

"Irving Penn’s Woman With Cheek Jewelry, ca. 1949, glides along the lines of his model’s profile: the long slope of her neck, the forward lean of her shoulders, her open mouth and jutting bun. Her features fall in shadow, at the edge of which sparkles a diamond-studded flower on her cheekbone. Most of Penn’s photos feature his wife, magnificent in Woman in Chicken Hat (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), New York, ca. 1949, with her crystal-clear profile cutting a line against the black halo of the hat. Not everybody can carry off a chicken hat, but the insouciant Fonssagrives-Penn can.

"William Klein’s theatrically composed Simone & Marines, Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France, 1960, sets the backlit model in a gauzy white dress and gloves, hands up, as Marines rush at her from front and back. Is she falling? Surrendering? And yet she commands the image.

"Gordon Parks, meanwhile, photographs his model through an aperture in Skin-tight Suit, Malibu, California, 1958. She’s in a sunny bathhouse, blue tiles nearly blending with her blue suit, and Parks has us peeping at her through a hole: viewer as voyeur.

The Yousuf Karsh photos here are more portraits of fashion icons than they are fashion photos. The expected beauty of Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Grace in Karsh’s works pales beside the crisply sensual, modernist-influenced photographs of his peers.

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Artsy: "Jim Dow’s Gorgeous Food Truck Photos are a Window into the Americas"

August 24, 2015

"In the early 2000s, the American photographer Jim Dow began photographing the food trucks he encountered on his travels through Argentina and Mexico. Years later, his efforts have been collected in a show spanning numerous countries, focusing on a single subject—street food—to bring to light the cultural import of an often overlooked institution."

"Dow says the series partially grew out of another photographic project he undertook in which he sat similar structures in Buenos Aires and Mexico City (bathroom entrances, for example) side by side. 'People here think everything below the border is the same thing,' he says. 'I’m really committed to trying to parse those differences out.' He adds, 'it’s a really visually compelling, subtle way to talk about assimilation, migration. Being at home in a culture and not being at home.'"

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Lenscratch: Tacos and Tiaras at the Robert Klein Gallery

August 7, 2015

Aline Smithson of Lenscratch writes: "Robert Klein Gallery has a current offering of dual exhibitions that are delicious in more ways than one.  The unlikely pairing of Jim Dow’s Taco Trucks, Taquerías, and Carritos and WOMEN IN CLOTHES: 20th Century Fashion Photographers, featuring Horst P. Horst, Yousuf Karsh, William Klein, Gordon Parks, and Irving Penn, is a humorous aligning of a culture of eating and a culture of not eating. For me personally, what’s better than imaging a delicious taco while fantasizing about fashion in the ’50s? Food plus Fashion=Heaven. Both exhibitions run through September 12th."

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YOUSUF KARSH, Brigitte Bardot, 1958


Boston Magazine's Best of the Day: Women in Clothes

July 10, 2015

In his decades-spanning career, Gordon Parks—perhaps best known as the first African-American staff photographer of Life Magazine and the director of Shaft—wore a lot of hats. He photographed a lot of hats, too. Parks had an eye for the fashions of his era. Just one look at Richard Roundtree’s form-hugging turtleneck sweaters, three-quarter-length leather jacket, and tight leather pants inShaft will tell you that the man knew his way around style.

So even though Parks’s fashion-mag photography flies a little more under the radar than his other work, it’s hardly a surprise that he honed his talent with commissions for Vogue in the ’40s.

Starting today you can see two of Parks’ color fashion photographs at Robert Klein Gallery’s Women in Clothes, a new group show that runs through September—which should whet your appetite for a solo exhibition for Parks that the gallery has in the works.

Parks is in great company here—both in terms of photographers and subjects. Women in Clothes features works by art-world luminaries Horst P. Horst, Yousuf Karsh, William Klein, Irving Penn, and even Man Ray. Caught in their lenses are such fashion icons as Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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GORDON PARKS, Jeweled Cap, Malibu, California, 1958. Courtesy of The Gordon Parks Foundation.


Addison Gallery of American Art Mounts "On the Scene: 20th Century Street Photography" from its Collections

June 23, 2015

Excerpts from Mark Feeney's review in The Boston Globe, June 3, 2015: "The Addison Gallery of American Art supplied the 72 photographs in On the Scene: 20th Century Street Photography from its own very rich holdings. The show runs through July 31.

"How rich is the Addison collection? Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Helen Levitt, Aaron Siskind (from his early Harlem Document days), Andy Warhol, and Garry Winogrand all have work in the show. Some of the images are very familiar: Frank’s New Orleans trolley, Arbus’s little boy with a toy hand grenade, an Evans subway portrait.

"...most of the images in On the Scene were taken in New York. Most but not all: We also get Chicago (thank you, Harry Callahan), New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston (Dorchester, to be precise, Eugene Richards’s First Communion), Paris, and Naucalpan, near Mexico City. Jim Dow took that last photograph, a notably attractive view of a not notably attractive taco stand, in 2004. It’s both the only color picture in the show and the most recent. The earliest is Alfred Stieglitz’s The Street: Design for a Poster, from 1903."

Jim Dow's images of taco trucks, taquerías, and carritos will be on display at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) beginning Friday, July 10. The opening reception will run from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. For more details, click HERE.

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JIM DOW, Taco Stand at Night, Independencia, Estado Mexico, Mexico, 2005


Artsy Features Cig Harvey's Photographs from Gardening at Night

May 13, 2015

Artsy reviewer Karen Kedmey writes: "This spring, [Cig Harvey], together with Robert Klein Gallery, celebrates the publication of her new book, Gardening at Night. It is inscribed to her husband and daughter: “For Doug + Scout. A love story, part two.” Through images and words—like, “They found a dog at the pound, ‘get your things,’ she said, and they become a family of three”—she tells the story of forming a family: one full of wonder, fragility, and a touch of magic.

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Gallery Artists Represent Iran at Venice Biennale 2015

May 13, 2015

Robert Klein Gallery artists Samira Alikhanzadeh, Shadi Ghadirian, and Newsha Tavakolian are among the artists in Iran's pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015. Roxane Zand for Sotheby's writes:

"While many attend the Venice Biennale to savour the perspective of artists looking at the reflection of our collective reality, others seek an even deeper messaging relating to the dialogue between cultures, nations and civilizations. The stories are not just about the immediate and the contemporary - there are also backstories, untold stories and histories, such as The Great Game which, as curator Marco Meneguzzo says, was a play for supremacy between the Russian and British empires that affected a large geography, encompassing India to Iraq, Central Asian Republics to Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. The Iran Pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year -- all 2,000 square metres of it -- attempts to redefine The Great Game into a New Great Game, “tearing down the ceiling of the universe to create a new design,” to use a quote from the Faiznia brothers, who valiantly made this initiative happen with the support of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and its leader Mr. Molla Norouzi.

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Gohar Dashti Makes Her Australian Debut at Head On Photo Festival

May 6, 2015

"Head On Photo Festival, in collaboration with Australian Centre for Photography, is thrilled to present for the first time in Australia esteemed Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti. Selected works from her series Today’s Life and War and Iran, Untitled reveal the complexities of Persian society. Between gravity, wit and humour, her staged fictional scenes quietly explore how history, wars and revolutions permeate contemporary social structures, individual and collective human psyche."

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Artsy on Activism: Magda Biernat Captures a Planet in Decay

May 5, 2015

Artsy's editorial coverage has extended to cover art as activism. "With sea levels rising and the human impact on the earth a certain and terrifying matter, chronicling the natural world as an artist has taken on a sense of dire political import. Magda Biernat’s latest series, <i>Adrift</i>, finds within that urgent framework a sense of beauty; her work invites a gentle, if profound, comparison between changing landscapes and man-made structures."

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Wall Street Journal Heralds Next Month's Photo London Fair

April 16, 2015

In its mention of next month's Photo London fair, Wall Street Journal highlights the work of gallery artists Formento & Formento:

"Photo London, a new international photography fair taking place at Somerset House, is a welcome reminder that photography is so much more than just the touch of a smartphone screen. The event will feature vintage and contemporary works—such as Mai VI, 2013, by Formento & Formento—from some of the world’s top photography galleries, including New York’s Aperture and Camera Work in Berlin."

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Arno Rafael Minkkinen Awarded 2015 John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Award

April 9, 2015

In its ninety-first competition for the United States and Canada, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded 173 Fellowships (including two joint Fellowships) to a diverse group of 175 scholars, artists, and scientists. Appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise, the successful candidates were chosen from a group of over 3,100 applicants.

Gallery artist Arno Rafael Minkkinen is among this year's Fellows. Minkkinen’s works are held in prominent museum collections such as the Georges Pompidou Center and Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris, the Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma in Helsinki, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. He is Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Docent at Aalto University of Art, Design, and Architecture in Helsinki.

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Vogue's Spring Photo Books Guide Includes Gardening at Night by Cig Harvey

March 24, 2015

Vogue's Suzanne Sheehan writes, "here are our favorite photo books coming out this spring..." Among the books listed is Cig Harvey's highly-anticipated second monograph, Gardening at Night.

Harvey's latest body of work delves into her relationship to family, home, nature, and the passing of time. Gardening at Night (Schilt Publishing, 2015) will be available for purchase in booth #218 at the AIPAD Photography Show New York in April and at the gallery. Harvey will have a two-part solo exhibition at Robert Klein Gallery (38 Newbury St) and Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) in May 2015.

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Vogue Italia Features Gohar Dashti and Tahmineh Monzavi

March 17, 2015

"A female take on Iran," by Francesca Bottenghi, appears in the March 2015 issue of Vogue Italia. The article highlights Gohar Dashti and Tahmineh Monzavi, who have exhibited at Robert Klein Gallery and Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri in the past year.



Magda Biernat to Lecture at Annenberg Space for Photography

February 28, 2015

In conjunction with its Sink or Swim exhibition, the Annenberg Space for Photography will welcome photographer Magda Biernat to lecture on her work. Sink or Swim explores resilience, from adaptation for survival to ambitious infrastructure planning, in some of the world’s richest and poorest coastal communities. Biernat will share images from her most recent projects, including photographs taken during her year-long travels from Antarctica to Alaska, and will speak about her personal exploration into the built environment and its impact on the natural world. The lecture will take place Aprli 2, 6:30-8 PM, at Skylight Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Biernat will have a solo show of her work at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri in spring 2015. The show, Adrift, opens April 3 and runs through April 25.

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Cherchez l'erreur at Paris's Institut des Cultures d'Islam

January 15, 2015

L’Institut des Cultures d’Islam begins 2015 with Cherchez l’erreur, an exhibition curated by Michket Krifa, who brought together 6 artists from Iran and the Arab world: Shadi Ghadirian, Gohar Dashti, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Tanya Habjouqa, Nermine Hammam, and Raeda Saadeh.

If exoticism appears, it is meant to be interrogated. If life appears transparent, it is at the same time complex; taken with a grain of salt, the works in Cherchez l'erreur force us to see and question what is in front of us.

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Artsy Editorial: The Legacy of the Still Life in Olivia Parker's Exploratory Photography

January 14, 2015

"Olivia Parker's photographs are experiments within the still-life tradition, informed by art history and consistently engaged with ever-evolving photo technology.

"Parker began her photography career in 1970, following a formal education in art history. Primarily self-taught, she’s been featured in over 100 solo exhibitions around the world and her images are often referenced in academic discussions of modern photography. Over the course of her career, Parker has demonstrated fervent interest in exploring the aesthetic possibilities of various technologies such as Polaroid and Cibachrome film, digital photography, and Photoshop, while also experimenting with light and staged studio constructions."

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OLIVIA PARKER, The Peach, 2012


The Boston Globe on Olivia Parker's Alchemy

January 13, 2015

"Olivia Parker’s still life photographs at Robert Klein Gallery are hardly still. The exhibit samples Parker’s photography as far back as the 1970s, and highlights her savvy technical skill, which can sometimes look like magic. There’s something alchemical — or at least chemical — going on in Orchids, an early silver print, in which cinnamon-toned pistils warm at the center of snowy, voluptuous petals.

"Most of the works here, though, are contemporary composite images. Photographic software tends to emphasize crispness. Parker has become a master of soft focus digital photography, and uses blurs to evoke evanescence."

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OLIVIA PARKER, Flower and Nut, 2014


"In Focus?" Simon Bowcock writes for Harper's Bazaar Art about Middle Eastern and North African Art

January 9, 2015

In an article published this month in Harper's Bazaar Art, Robert Klein is among the dealers interviewed about Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) art. Writer Simon Bowcock explores the recent flush of institutions showing MENA art. Robert Klein Gallery artists Shadi Ghadirian and Newsha Tavakolian are among those mentioned.

"It seems an unprecedented amount of photography is coming out of the Middle East, driven by changing social, economic and political climates, generated by newcomers and old hands. But whilst this profusion of pictures is allowing audiences worldwide to experience fresh thoughts and expression from the region, the marketplace remains the yardstick to judge success or failure."

Says Taymour Grahne, blogger and gallerist based in New York City: "'I think it is important that we no longer have Middle Eastern photography shows - many of the ones that have taken place have been great, others not so great, but it has been done. Now what is important is for Middle Eastern photographers to be part of curated group shows that go beyond nationality and region - they should be entering the mainstream art world, and this is the next hurdle that needs to be crossed.'"

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Boston Globe Highlights Olivia Parker

December 11, 2014

"Parker sets her photographs of budding flowers, fruit, and bugs against backdrops that blur out of focus or with movement, and shift with shadows. They convey the crisp immediacy of a moment, and the fading of time."

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"She Who Tells A Story" Travels to Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center

November 25, 2014

She Who Tells A Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World, curated by Kristen Gresh, was first exhibited at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 2012. The exhibition will travel to Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center in winter 2015.

"This exhibition introduces the pioneering work of 12 leading women photographers from Iran and the Arab world: Jananne Al-Ani, Boushra Almutawakel, Gohar Dashti, Rana El Nemr, Lalla Essaydi, Shadi Ghadirian, Tanya Habjouqa, Rula Halawani, Nermine Hammam, Rania Matar, Shirin Neshat, and Newsha Tavakolian. These photographers have tackled the very notion of representation with passion and power, questioning tradition and challenging perceptions of Middle Eastern identity. Their provocative work ranges from fine art to photojournalism and provides insights into political and social issues, including questions of personal identity and exploring the complex political and social landscapes of their home regions in images of great sophistication, expressiveness, and beauty."

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GOHAR DASHTI, Today's Life and War, 2008


Solange Brand's Pictures of China's Cultural Revolution Featured on LensCulture

November 21, 2014

Solange Brand was working as a secretary at the French embassy in China from 1966 to 1968. Her color photographs of this time serve as a record of both historical and sociological significance. Writes LensCulture's editor: "There are few casual photographs of this period, because photography in China was officially approved only as a tool for staged propaganda during the Cultural Revolution. Few ordinary people had access to cameras and film. Color photographs from this period in China are even more rare. Western photojournalists, when allowed to photograph, usually used black-and-white film for their news publications — so these everyday color photos carry some added sociological importance as historical documents."

Brand's book, Pékin 1966: Petites histoires de la révolution culturelle, is available for purchase through the gallery.

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Paris Photo in 10 Shocking Photos: The Harrowing Vision of Francesca Woodman

November 15, 2014

Le Figaro highlighted the two Francesca Woodman prints on display in the Robert Klein Gallery booth at Paris Photo 2014.

A rough translation offers many insights, including the following: "Her magnificent portraits of young women, often of nudes who appear as if they're torn from the pages of a grand novel, are characterized by a certain blurriness, born of movement and long exposures."

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FRANCESCA WOODMAN, Untitled (George Woodman, Sol Lewitt, Francesca Woodman), c. 1976


Artsy Announces its 11 Must-See Works at Paris Photo

November 14, 2014

"While 2013 marked Paris Photo’s first U.S. edition in Los Angeles, the Parisian art fair has been held in Paris since 1997, annually luring the world’s top photography collectors to the historic Grand Palais. Today, as 169 galleries and art book publishers convene in Paris for the 18th edition of the fair, we offer a look at 11 must-see works—from Chris McCaw’s sunburnt photograph made in the arctic circle, to a rare piece of a triptych by Francesca Woodman—that, like the fair, represent some of the most innovative and intriguing photography being exhibited today."

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FRANCESCA WOODMAN, Untitled (George Woodman, Sol Lewitt, Francesca Woodman), c. 1976


Tilted Arc: Women in the Landscape, Karen Halverson

November 11, 2014

An excerpt from Tilted Arc's fourth installment of its Women in the Landscape series with Karen Halverson:

You describe your work as photographs that “comment on how we encounter, occupy and alter the land.” Can you talk a bit about your own connection to landscape and why your work focuses on encounters, occupation and alteration?

For me, ideas most often arise when I’m out there with the camera and, later, in the editing process. I work more intuitively than conceptually. I grew up in the East. When I was five, my mother, a widow, took her kids on a three month, 8,000 mile car trip around the American West. I now believe that epic trip affected me deeply. It introduced me to the wider world, while establishing the West, in particular, as a destination. It also provided me with the model of an adventurous woman, comfortable wandering the landscape.

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Visual Duets in Boston: Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

October 8, 2014

Boston-area writer Elin Spring recently reviewed Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb's concurrent shows. "In much the same way that an enduring marriage is greater than the sum of its parts, so is great photography. For both, part of the magic is in their alluring mysteriousness. Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb – united for 20 years now – have joined their considerable pictorial and literary gifts to produce two resonant photographic pairings: Memory City at Robert Klein Gallery on Newbury Street and Slant Rhymes at RKG satellite Ars Libri, in Boston’s South End..."

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Magda Biernat-Webster's Adrift Series Featured by The Phoblographer

October 2, 2014

Photographer Magda Biernat spoke with The Phoblographer's Chris Gampat about her Adrift series, which is comprised of images of Arctic Eskimo fishing huts and Antarctic glaciers.

Says Biernat: "The hunting huts were actually empty. They are used by the local Inupiat Eskimo people mostly in the spring and summer – during their hunting season. The problem with that was that there were not cleared roads to them so I had to wade through knee high drifts of snow to get close enough to photograph them, set my tripod and wait for the long exposures to finish. My husband stayed behind to keep a look-out for polar bears."

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MAGDE BIERNAT, Adrift #7 (from the series Adrift), 2013


Update: Newsha Tavakolian Agrees to Keep Carmignac Prize

September 29, 2014

Newsha Tavakolian announced this week that she has agreed to keep the prize and continue with the book and exhibition projects after the Carmignac Foundation announced major changes to the award. A statement released by the foundation, after a meeting between the jurors and Edouard Carmignac, said the jury president will serve as curator of Ms. Tavakolian’s work for the coming year, and wil be joined by another juror to curate the book and exhibit.

The statement said the foundation wanted to ensure her safety and “allow the public to grasp the realities of life in Iran in all its complexity.”

Ms. Tavakolian, in a statement posted on her Facebook page, welcomed the developments, which prompted her to keep the prize.

“This weekend the Carmignac Foundation had a huge turnaround, promising that from now on there will be no more interference in my project and that two key jury members will be in charge of curating my work,” she wrote. “I have decided to accept these new conditions, as for me this was about one thing only, to be able as a photographer to choose the title, edits and texts of my work.”

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Present and Former Directors Team Up to Write Artist Profile for Big, Red & Shiny

September 22, 2014

Former Robert Klein Gallery Director Eunice Hurd teamed up with current Director Maja Orsic to profile Boston artist Sarah Malakoff for Volume 2, Issue 22 of Big, Red & Shiny. Here's an excerpt from the piece, published on September 21, 2014:

"Nest. Cave. Den. When we speak about our homes, the spaces we have carved out for ourselves in the world, we speak of them in terms once reserved for animal habitats. Like crows and magpies, drawn to bright plastics and aluminum foil, many of us cultivate our surroundings instinctively, making functional and sartorial choices that provide comfort and a sense of place.

"In Second Nature, released by Charta in 2013, photographer Sarah Malakoff is specifically looking at the influence of the natural world within the home. 'Landscape, weather, and wildlife lurk outside the walls,' Malakoff writes, 'even as they are brought safely inside in the form of pattern, simulation, and domesticated animals.' Camera in hand, she studies the homes of friends, family, and acquaintances with precision and objectivity."

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The New York Times Lens Blog Interviews Newsha Tavakolian

September 17, 2014

When Newsha Tavakolian won the 50,000-Euro Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award earlier in 2014, she "thought she had the money, time and freedom to explore the lives" of young adults who were raised in Iran during the revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. This week, Tavakolian announced that she has returned the prize following heated arguments with Edouard Carmignac, the French investment banker whose foundation offers the award.

Tavakolian was interviewed for today's The New York Times Lens Blog: "I had to make a choice between my artistic freedom and my dignity, or the glory of something that is not real or not mine when it comes to what kind of book do I have...This is a universal subject, not just about Iran. It is a subject all photographers are facing, but they do not talk about it. This is the only thing I have. It’s my vision, my artistic freedom."

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The Boston Globe Reviews Samira Alikhanzadeh at Ars Libri

September 17, 2014

Cate McQuaid reviewed our Samira Alikhanzadeh show at Ars Libri for The Boston Globe today. She writes, "...for a second, the barrier between viewer and viewed had been breached, and it was thrilling."

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Tom Leininger Reviews Memory City for Photo-Eye

September 16, 2014

"In their new book, Memory City, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb investigate Rochester, New York during the time Eastman Kodak was in bankruptcy. They explore how memory, photography, film and the book making process come together to make a statement about a place during a particular time.

"What does it mean to photograph in Rochester during this uncertain time? Webb chose to use his digital cameras in addition to Kodachrome that he processed as black and white. Norris Webb worked like she typically does with color negative film. These individual creative choices give the book extra meaning, and are explored further in a small booklet tucked into the back cover titled 'Notes on Film and Memory.' Containing writing and contact sheets, it shows that both considered their working methods when it came to approaching a city defined by photography."

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Newsha Tavakolian Returns 5th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, Citing Restraints on her Artistic Freedom

September 15, 2014

In an article released today, Gemma Padley of the British Journal of Photography writes: "Little more than two months after being named the recipient of this year’s Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, Newsha Tavakolian has released a public statement declaring that she is returning the prize money and stepping down as this year’s winner, due to 'irreconcilable differences' over the presentation of her work.

"Tavakolian, who was born in Tehran in 1981, was awarded the €50,000 prize for her report on young people in her home country, illustrating how many are caught between an increasingly modern society and the religious and cultural traditions of old.

"In the statement, which was published on her Facebook page on 11 September, she writes: 'I am cancelling all my co-operation with this foundation and its patron, the French investment banker Edouard Carmignac.' It continues: 'My acceptance of the terms of the award from the Carmignac Gestion Foundation was based on the understanding that I would have full artistic freedom as a photographer to create a work that is faithful to my vision as an established photojournalist and art photographer. Unfortunately, however, from the moment I delivered the work, Mr Carmignac insisted on personally editing my photographs as well as altering the accompanying texts to the photographs.'

"BJP has approached the Foundation, which has been running the Award since 2009, for a comment, but has yet to receive a reply."

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© NEWSHA TAVAKOLIAN, Portrait of Somayyeh, a 32-year old divorced teacher


Yousuf Karsh Goes Hollywood at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

September 4, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, presents a galaxy of portraits of legendary stars by the great photographer Yousuf Karsh.

This exhibition in Sharf Visitor Center presents twenty iconic figures from Hollywood’s Golden Age photographed by Karsh over his life-long career.

Karsh captures the star quality in his celebrity sitters photographed in their prime, a selection that includes images of Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, and many more.

Fine art prints of Karsh's photographs are available through the gallery. Please contact us at to learn more.

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© YOUSUF KARSH, Princess Grace of Monaco, 1956


Artsy Editorial: Gohar Dashti Imagines Iran

August 1, 2014

In an editorial for Artsy, Heather Corcoran writes, "In her photography, Tehran-based artist Gohar Dashti reveals aspects of life in Iran often unseen by the outside world—including the emotional legacy of the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War for a generation of young Iranians. She works in series, each one featuring carefully composed groups of people in intimate scenes set in comfortable homes or, almost surreally, on battlefields.

"Her latest series, Iran, Untitled, currently on view at Boston’s Robert Klein Gallery, adds an uncanny element to the work by placing distance between the photographer and her subjects."

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GOHAR DASHTI, Iran, Untitled, 2013


Artscope magazine Reviews Karen Halverson: Survey

July 29, 2014

Puloma Ghosh of Artscope magazine writes, "In the neat and elegant Robert Klein Gallery on Newbury Street, Karen Halverson’s Survey exhibit opens windows into the wide landscapes of the American West, with a smattering of Icelandic countryside. Each image depicts a vibrant natural vista with at times subtle, and at times very clear, indications of human influence interrupting the scene."

"Halverson’s exploration of the West dates back several decades, to 1983. Although her origins are eastern, she traces her fascination for the hot and often desolate scenery to a trip she took as a child.

"'When I was five years old, my mother was a widow, and she took her three children on a three month trip around the American West,' she recalled. 'It was a unusual thing to do around that time. I saw a woman comfortable being almost alone in the landscape and it exposed me to another part of the country and made me realize there’s a much bigger world out there, and the west acquired a kind of mythical importance to me.'

"This childhood experience eventually drew her back to the West when she grew up, attending college there and eventually travelling the rural areas with her camera. What at first began as wanderlust became a lifetime of research and storytelling through her lens."

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Karen Halverson Reviewed in The Boston Globe

July 23, 2014

Today's issue of The Boston Globe has a review of our current Karen Halverson show, Survey:

"Nature’s majesty in Karen Halverson’s landscape photographs, now up at Robert Klein Gallery, usually pivots around something man-made. Amid the sun-washed cliffs, brooding skies, and endless tracts of land squat ugly sheds, plastic chairs, and gaudy silos.

"A nubbly sea of ferociously pink flowers garnished with greenery fills two-thirds of Mulholland at Cold Canyon Road, Los Angeles, California, 1993. It bumps up against a field of dried grass and shrubs. That edge is littered with roughly 20 big wooden poles, splayed like pickup sticks. The image raises a question of degree: What is natural here? What is cultivated? Is the carpet of flowers more natural than the discarded poles?

"It’s easy for a lover of landscape to deploy knee-jerk distaste of traces of human interference. These marks of habitation don’t scar the landscapes. Sometimes they’re lovely, sometimes strange. Halverson doesn’t judge what she sees; she merely witnesses."

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Managing Your Inventory of Limited-Edition Prints

July 21, 2014

In its July issue, which focused on fine-art photography, Photo District News explored questions of representation, editioning, printing, and more. For a feature on inventory management, PDN Editor Holly Hughes interviewed RKG Owner Robert Klein.

Hughes writes, "The fine-art market is based on scarcity. Although a photograph can be reproduced endlessly, artists limit their editions, giving buyers a guarantee that they will release a finite number of prints at a given size. 'The collectors have to believe there’s integrity to what you’re selling, and the edition numbers have to mean something,' says Robert Klein, owner of Robert Klein Gallery. 'That confidence is vital to sustaining a career in the fine-art photography world.'"



Newsha Tavakolian Awarded 5th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award

July 11, 2014

We're delighted to announce that Newsha Tavakolian has been awarded the 5th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award. Created in 2009, the purpose of the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award is to grant funding for a photo-reportage carried out over a period of several months on a specific, topical subject – this year, it is Iran. The Carmignac Gestion Foundation wishes to sponsor the delving work of photojournalists. Their dedication to depicting the truth requires knowledge of the country and experience of the terrain in order to represent the situation in all its complexity. The award is promoted via an exhibition and the publication of a monograph. The exhibition will take place at Chapelle de l’Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris in November 2014; the book will be published by Kehrer Verlag.

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What To Expect From the Photographer/Gallery Relationship

July 7, 2014

In its July issue, which focused on fine-art photography, Photo District News explored questions of representation, editioning, printing, and more. Edgar Allen Beam interviewed RKG Director Maja Orsic for a feature on the photographer/gallery relationship.

Beam writes, "Securing representation by a gallery is often seen as the brass ring of a fine-art photography career, a validation of an artist’s value. But photographers often don’t know what to expect from a gallery, or what galleries expect in return. Who pays for what? Who manages the inventory? Can the photographer expect an exhibition soon? PDN surveyed photographers and galleries about the ins and outs of gallery representations, asking what points of confusion should be discussed, and how photographers can make the most of their relationship with a gallery."

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Karen Halverson Exhibition in The New Republic

July 3, 2014

Today, The New Republic posted a teaser for our upcoming Karen Halverson show, Survey. "The title of show Survey, which opens next week at Robert Klein Gallery in Boston, bespeaks the breadth of the photographer's subject matter. The true project of Halverson's art—which appears, at first glance, to be merely a collection of colorful landscapes—is to expose and explore the many facets of human relationships to the land. Her photographs, particularly those of the American west—a region with a long history of human settlement and expansion—raise questions about our discovery and occupation of the spaces in which we live, work, and travel. While some of Halverson's images show industrial development overshadowing natural beauty, others highlight the insignificance of human life. Ultimately, what emerges is a picture of both the scope of our ambitions and the limits of our control."

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KAREN HALVERSON, Near Independence, California, 2002


Paulette Tavormina in National Geographic

June 24, 2014

"This isn't a still life from 17th-century Europe. It's fresh produce from four upscale markets in Manhattan."

Gallery photographer Paulette Tavormina was tapped for National Geographic's July 2014 issue. Tavormina sourced produce for a still life in her signature style and then NG tracked down the origin of each food item and the time and distance it required to arrive in New York City. This is Tavormina's first assignment for the magazine.

Follow NG's food series at

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Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Press for Memory City

June 24, 2014

With the release of Memory City (Radius, 2014), a photography book about the impact Eastman Kodak has had on Rochester, New York, photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb explore the city in color and black and white. In the book's introduction, Webb and Norris Webb allude to Kodak's 2012 declaration of bankruptcy and the year they spent on the project as "what may well be the last days of film as we know it."

Recent press coverage for the book includes TIME LightBox and The New York Times Lens Blog. This fall, images from Memory City will be mounted at Robert Klein Gallery (38 Newbury St) and a selection of the couple's work will be shown at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave).


ALEX WEBB, Exchange Boulevard, Rochester, NY


Shadi Ghadirian in The New York Times Lens Blog

June 19, 2014

Robert Klein Gallery photographer Shadi Ghadirian, whose series Qajar is included in the exhibition The Middle East Revealed: A Female Perspective, at Howard Greenberg Gallery, was highlighted by The New York Times Lens Blog today:

"Ms. Ghadirian, an Iranian photographer, examines women’s role in an Islamic state. In her Qajar series she explores what she sees as the duality of the strong Persian historical tradition and Iranians’ embrace of modern life. The series consists of studio photographs of female friends and relatives dressed in 19-century Persian garb and holding modern consumer goods."

The show, which opens Thursday, June 26, runs through August 29, 2014.

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OBSESSION: Jim Dow at California's Riverside Art Museum

June 5, 2014

The Riverside Art Museum is proud to present, OBSESSION: The Stadium Photography and Soccer Shirt Collection of Jim Dow, a photography exhibition focused on facets of soccer/football culture through a documentary lens that includes stadiums, clubs, corner stores, and team jerseys from around the world. This exhibition coincides with the 2014 World Cup tournament and features a team shirt installation that responds to the evolving dynamic of teams competing in the World Cup throughout its duration.

"My interest in photography centers on its capacity for exact description,” says Dow. “I use photography to try to record the manifestations of human ingenuity and spirit still remaining in our country's everyday landscape."

Obsessive by nature, he was once praised as “dumb, in the honorific sense of the word,” a reference to the passion he has for the subjects of his photographs to the exclusion of an apparent style. Dow earned a B.F.A. and a M.F.A. in graphic design and photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1965 and 1968 respectively.

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Images © Jim Dow


On Artsy: Surrealist, Hybrid Objects Through the Lens of Chema Madoz

May 29, 2014

Artsy's editorial team posted this eloquent review of our current show, Chema Madoz: Sin Titulo.

"Salvador Dalí famously once quipped, 'I don’t do drugs; I am drugs.' Dalí’s words come to mind when casting an eye over the surreal black-and-white images of Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, whose exquisite and precise compositions are populated with hybrid objects created by the artist himself.

"'Objects have the same character that words do when you put one next to the other: they contaminate one another and meanings change,' Madoz says. 'I profit from those circumstances.' A self-taught artist, Madoz collects objects and playfully alters them in order to create strange juxtapositions that subtly shift perspectives or pull the wool over viewers’ eyes. In the artist’s current exhibition at Robert Klein Gallery, Chema Madoz: Sin Titulo, a glass perfume bottle merges with a medical needle, evoking the contours of New York’s World Trade Center, and a stiletto heel is an upside-down figurine of the Eiffel Tower. Working with strong tonal contrasts of black and white, Madoz casts his objects—which are never quite what they seem—in light that is at once elegant, poetic, and timeless. Meticulous and rich, his photographs reward long, sustained looking."

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Gohar Dashti in "The Disasters of War: 1800-2014" at Le Louvre-Lens

May 28, 2014

Gallery artist Gohar Dashti is included in The Disasters of War: 1800-2014, a summer exhibition at Le Louvre-Lens. "The exhibition presents a rich set of representations arising from disenchantment with war, considered above all as a dealer in misfortunes from the beginning of the 19th century to our own time. Placed until then at the centre of society's values, it increasingly came to be considered by artists in all its facets, including its most dreadful consequences on human beings, on animals, on the countryside, and on cities and things. Every war generated depictions related to new conceptions and techniques.

"This multidisciplinary exhibition shows the major milestones of this little known history, through all kinds of media: painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, film, video, installations, comic strips, popular prints, newspaper cartoons, and more."

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Chema Madoz Sin Titulo in this Week's To Do list

May 27, 2014

The Boston Globe's June Wulff mentioned our Chema Madoz show, Sin Titulo, in today's To Do list. She included his recounting of a distant memory: "Elementary school ignited Spanish photographer Chema Madoz’s passion for objects: 'I arrived late on the first day of class. All the other children were already seated around a large table in the kitchen and there was no space for me. The teacher . . . opened the door of the oven so that I could use it as a desk. I sat down on my stool with my notebook lying on the open door and looked into the black interior of the oven.'"

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Rana Javadi in "Unedited History: Iran 1960-2014" at Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

May 16, 2014

Gallery artist Rana Javadi is featured in Unedited History: Iran 1960-2014, an exhibition at Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Comprising over 200 works for the most part never shown in France before, the exhibition brings a fresh eye to art and visual culture in Iran from the 1960s up to the present. Its survey of the contemporary history of the country is arranged in sequences; the years 1960–1970, the revolutionary era of 1979, the Iran-Iraq war (1980–1988) and the postwar period up until today.

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Formento & Formento Show Named in The Boston's Globe "Week Ahead"

May 14, 2014

American Beauty on Bruised Knees, the exhibition of photographs by Formento & Formento currently on display at Robert Klein Gallery @ Ars Libri, was named in today's issue of The Boston Globe. Cate McQuaid writes, "A commercial photographer and a stylist, BJ and Richeille Formento traveled during the depths of the recession, dramatically photographing women in a diminished America whom they met online."

The exhibition runs through June 21, 2014.

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Atlas Imaginarios Visuales Explores Gohar Dashti's Work about War

May 13, 2014

Atlas Imaginarios Visuales, a photography journal in Chile, recently explored Gohar Dashti's work about war. Following the legacy of Goya and Picasso, Dashti studies the effects of wartime on everyday life.

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Chema Madoz to be Exhibited at Les Rencontres d'Arles Photographie 2014

May 6, 2014

"For thirty years, Spanish photographer Chema Madoz has held a particular place in the international artistic scene. His highly singular work does not adhere to any particular trend, although the influence of the Surrealist movement has often been noted. Extremely rigorous on a graphic level, his black and white compositions of the banal or familiar objects that he creates, gathers or transforms in his studio allow an imaginary world to unfold which radically questions our sense of perception."

Over 100 of Madoz's images will be shown at an exhibition during Les Rencontres d'Arles Photographie 2014 at Magasin Électrique from July 7 to September 21. The exhibition is presented by Association du Méjan and PHotoEspaña 2014.

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CHEMA MADOZ, Untitled, Madrid, 2007


Paulette Tavormina's Two-Part Exhibition, Black & Bloom, Highlighted in ARTnews

May 1, 2014

ARTnews included a review of our recent Paulette Tavormina exhibition in its May 2014 issue.

Joanne Silver writes: "Illuminated by an antique light that looks more Old Master than modern, Paulette Tavormina's photographic arrangements of flowers, insects, and seashells seemingly span time and space, life and death -- bridging reality and the teeming universe of her imagination. The 19 large-scale images in her two-part exhibition, Black & Bloom, feature items that would be at home in 17th-century Dutch still-life paintings or a farmer's market in New York City."

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What Will You Remember? Reviews Gohar Dashti Exhibition

April 30, 2014

The Boston blog What Will You Remember? finds delight in our exhibition of two series by photographer Gohar Dashti at Ars Libri.

"Here, as in the show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Gohar Dashti’s images are droll and compelling. Although unabashedly posed, she offers genuine glimpses of Iranian life, humanizing the vilified nation in artfully composed and colorful narratives, all the while administering her trademark irony. Iran has dispensed many Ministers into the international arena, none of whom seem to have succeeded in generating the sympathy that Dashti manages to evoke in Western viewers. Perhaps the Iranian government would make more headway if they gave Dashti an official role, say 'Minister of Absurdity.'"

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GOHAR DASHTI, Volcano, 2012


Paulette Tavormina Featured in The New York Times

April 22, 2014

Paulette Tavormina was commissioned by The New York Times for its recent Bread Issue. Her photograph appeared on the front page of the Times' Dining Section on Wednesday, April 23.

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Paulette Tavormina for The New York Times


Art in America Reviews Memory City by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

April 17, 2014

“April sees the release of husband and wife duo Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb's Memory City, a book of photography arising out of a series of trips to Rochester, N.Y., in 2012, following Eastman Kodak's declaration of bankruptcy at the beginning of the year. The couple were attracted by the city's rich photographic tradition (besides Kodak’s 134 years there, it’s also home to the George Eastman House, the country’s first photographic museum, and the Visual Studies Workshop, a center for photography and other media arts founded by Nathan Lyons) and its historical significance as a center of progressive activity during the 19th century (counting both Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony as residents). They turned their attention, however, to today’s Rochester: ‘a city,’ wrote Alex Webb in an email to A.i.A., ‘struggling with many of the urban ills that bedevil so many U.S. Rust Belt cities’ yet endowed with ‘its own unique sense of energy and community.’

"Memory City is the couple’s second book, following their exploration of modern-day Cuba in 2009′s Violet Isle. Photographing Rochester’s streets, Webb contributes black-and-white images taken with his last rolls of Kodachrome (which can no longer be processed in color), interspersed with digital full-color pictures, whereas Norris Webb, using only film, offers still lifes and portraits of women from the region. ‘We knew from the start we wanted the conceptual collaboration to be as layered as Rochester itself and the many cities, past and present, within it,’ Norris Webb wrote, with the pair aiming for ‘an elegiac tone befitting the fading days of Kodak and film.’”

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Burnt Generation: Contemporary Iranian Photography at London's Somerset House

April 10, 2014

To mark the arrival of the Persian New Year, Burnt Generation will present contemporary Iranian photography – the majority of which has not previously been seen outside of Iran – by eight highly original and intellectually engaged image makers. The exhibition will offer a rare opportunity to move to a place beyond cliché; a moment to forget the stereotypical images of Iran and enter the worlds of the eight artists who have lived and worked there. They include: Azadeh Akhlaghi; Gohar Dashti; Shadi Ghadirian; Babak Kazemi; Abbas Kowsari; Ali and Ramyar; Newsha Tavakolian; Sadegh Tirafkan.

Burnt Generation is curated by Candlestar Director, Fariba Farshad, who explains that her aim was not only to present work from as wide a perspective as possible but also to show work that takes a sideways look at both public and personal histories: “The selected artists work in various ways. Some make documentary photography, others portraiture, others still fine art, conceptual work but their subjects are caught in the web of history be it personal, historical or geopolitical.

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Gallery Director Juries for 2014 Yousuf Karsh Prize in Photography

March 27, 2014

Robert Klein Gallery Director Maja Orsic, together with Anne Havinga, Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Curator of Photographs, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Matthew Connors, Associate Professor and Photography Department Chair, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, juried the 2014 Yousuf Karsh Prize in Photography School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, this month. The Prize, awarded annually to three talented students of photography, was this year given to Cassandra Klos (First Place), Dayna Rochell Stanley (Second Place), and Cleo Murphy-Guerette (Third Place).

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Black & Bloom is a Boston Globe Critics Pick

February 20, 2014

Reviewer Cate McQuaid named Black & Bloom, our current show featuring work by Paulette Tavormina, a critics' pick in today's issue of The Boston Globe. "The photographer, once a prop and food stylist in Hollywood, serves up lush still lifes that echo the themes of abundance and mortality in 17th-century Dutch still lifes. With a companion exhibit at Ars Libri."

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The Week Endorses Paulette Tavormina

February 16, 2014

"Paulette Tavormina offers feasts for the eyes. The New York City–based photographer has a background as a commercial food stylist, yet her ongoing series Natura Morta evokes the still lifes of such 17th-century masters as Francisco de Zurbarán, Adriaen Coorte, and Giovanna Garzoni. In her studies of fruits and flowers, Tavormina brings every lush detail into focus in a way that would seem impossible with a camera. But before you’re tempted to dig in to the produce in, say, 2010’s Peaches and Morning Glories...note the crawling presence of a butterfly, ladybug, and green beetle. Even in these meticulously arranged displays, life never really remains still."

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AIPAD Covers Paulette Tavormina

February 14, 2014

"Paulette Tavormina's work walks the line between life and death, coming and going. Her work has a real pulse on organic cycle. This exhibition showcases old and new works by the artist. Tavormina draws inspiration from 17th century Old Master still lives and 17th and 18th century botanical drawings; these influences have driven her Natura Morta and Botanical series respectively, and samples of both series will be on view in Black and Bloom. Tavormina's works are painterly and precise.  Roundly lit crystal clear frames are bold and dramatic. A black background makes colors feel more rich and full, and a lovely rhythm causes the eye to dance and flow through the scenes. It is hard to look away from a frame our eyes become so perfectly engaged."

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ARTnews Names Memory City Among "11 Edgy New Photo Books"

February 13, 2014

"Rochester, in upstate New York, has been the home of Kodak since the company’s start in 1888. When it declared bankruptcy in 2012, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb decided to use film made by the company to shoot the city. For the project, Webb used his last rolls of Kodachrome, the famous but now-discontinued film, developing it as hazy black and white since its special color process is no longer available. The results look like any struggling but hopeful city, quiet but proud."

Of Memory City, publisher Radius Books writes: "[t]he design of the book includes a separate booklet and special tipped-in images throughout. As both previous Radius books with these artists have sold out quickly – this is sure to be a collector’s item."

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Boston Globe Reviews

January 8, 2014

The Boston Globe's Cate McQuaid reviews our current exhibition at Ars Libri:

"You can almost hear the war's drumbeat pounding in Iranian photographer Rana Javadi’s series Never-Ending Chaos, now up at Ars Libri. Javadi, with her late husband, Bahman Jalali, documented conflict as a photojournalist during the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. In the layered and sharp digital photo-collages in this show, she shuffles images of a historic battle with war photographs from her own archive, and other illustrations."

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RANA JAVADI, Never-Ending Chaos 4, 2013


Boston-area To Do list Names Rana Javadi: Never-Ending Chaos

December 24, 2013

Iranian artist Mehran Mohajer has said that “Modern photographer Rana Javadi sets down images from our recent memories, the signs of violent conflict and strange bloodied images.” The Robert Klein Gallery in association with Azita Bina-Seibel presents Rana Javadi: Never-Ending Chaos, a suite of 14 prints at Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave).

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RANA JAVADI, Never-Ending Chaos 4, 2013


Huffington Post Canada Visits Us at Paris Photo 2013

November 27, 2013

HuffPost Travel Canada's Lin Stranberg visited us at Paris Photo this year. Stranberg writes, "This year's [Paris Photo] was a visual feast of contemporary and historical photography from galleries, institutions (including the Art Gallery of Ontario) and private collections...I was able to enjoy spontaneous chats with gallerists like...Maja Orsic of the Robert Klein Gallery in Boston. My conversation with Maja was unexpectedly interrupted when a sudden deluge caused raindrops to seep through the gorgeous 19th century vaulted glass ceiling of the Grand Palais, falling on our heads -- and the artwork, of course, sending everyone scrambling to protect it -- until just as quickly the skies cleared and the sun came out again. It was a Paris moment -- striking, fleeting and memorable."

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Robert Klein Gallery Announces Representation of 4 Female Iranian Photographers

November 21, 2013

Robert Klein Gallery is pleased to announce representation of four talented female Iranian photographers: Gohar Dashti, Rana Javadi, Newsha Tavakolian and Shadi Ghadirian. Work by Dashti and Javadi will be included in the gallery's Paris Photo booth later this month.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, made a splash this year with "She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World," a photography exhibition showcasing the work of 12 female photographers from the Middle East. Dashti, Tavakolian, and Ghadirian are all featured in the show.


GOHAR DASHTI, Today's Life and War, 2008


The Boston Globe Gives Glowing Reviews to Jessica Backhaus

November 20, 2013

Cate McQuaid sings the praises of Jessica Backhaus in today's Boston Globe review:

"Jessica Backhaus, a photographer who thinks like a painter, has a show at Robert Klein Gallery and a satellite show at Ars Libri. Her moody, expressionistic chromogenic prints play with reflections and windows, packing images into fractured layers. Her fruity palette can verge on psychedelic.

"All the works at Robert Klein are from the series Once, Still and Forever. Berlin, 2010, shows just a puddle on the street, but oh, the worlds within it! Upside-down reflections of two fuzzy-headed people ring the green, white, and blue sky. The slick line of the sidewalk on the right anchors us, and good thing, because around the dizzying reflection the road beneath glows an almost chemical pink.

"Backhaus’s pinks, in particular, tease like candy. Beyond Seeing, 2012, depicts a tarnished mirror in a splintery wooden frame against a hot pink wall. Everything is decaying in enchanting textures: the mirror, the frame, and the plaster wall chips down to white, all of which makes that strident pink wonderfully out of place."

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JESSICA BACKHAUS, Clips (from the series Once, Still and Forever), 2010


L'oeil de la photographie Highlights Cohen, Dashti, and Tavormina at Paris Photo

November 16, 2013

The Robert Klein Gallery booth at Paris Photo this year showcases a wide range of works by living artists, as well as twentieth century masterpieces. Contemporary photographers Paulette Tavormina, Rana Javadi, and Mark Cohen are inspired by their immediate surroundings yet their end results couldn't be any more different.

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Arno Rafael Minkkinen Receives 2013 Lucie Award for Achievement in Fine Art

October 24, 2013

Arno Rafael Minkkinen is a Finnish American photographer. He was born in Helsinki in 1945 and emigrated to the United States in 1951. Minkkinen began taking self-portraits four years later while working as an advertising copywriter. One headline he wrote guided him to consider photography seriously: “What happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera.”

In the summer of 1971 Minkkinen enrolled at Apeiron Photographic Workshops in Millerton, NY to study with John Benson. Since then, over one hundred solo exhibitions and nearly two hundred group shows of his work have been seen around the world.

The Lucie Awards is an annual gala ceremony honoring the greatest achievements in photography. Previous honorees include Joel Meyerowitz, Dawoud Bey, Elliott Erwitt, Duane Michals, Sarah Moon and Ralph Gibson.

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Arno Rafael Minkkinen


Praise for Jessica Backhaus Exhibitions from The Boston Globe

October 2, 2013

Jessica Backhaus is earning rave reviews for her first solo exhiibition in Boston. Writes The Boston Globe art critic Cate McQuaid, "[t]his photographer brings a nuanced yet tangy color sense to scenes of longing, pleasure, and reflection. In still lifes, landscapes, and investigations of water and shadow, Backhaus frames small moments with poignancy."

An exhibition of Backhaus' latest work is on view at Robert Klein Gallery through November 30, 2013. Earlier prints from the series I Wanted To See The World and Symphony of Shadows are on view at Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) through October 26, 2013.

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JESSICA BACKHAUS, Yesterday (from the series Once, Still and Forever), 2012


Stanley Greenberg, Currently at The MIT Museum, Featured on Science Friday

September 26, 2013

Stanley Greenberg—who had previously shot New York’s most remote recesses, such as valve chambers in water tunnels 300 feet below the city—spent more than three years crisscrossing the globe to photograph the often enigmatic and inaccessible world of nuclear and high energy physics research. Fascinated by the massive machines and power required to investigate the tiniest of particles, he was also struck by how little other people seemed to know about these experiments.

The resultant photographs are now part of Stanley Greenberg: Time Machines a series of physics-themed black-and-white photographs on exhibit at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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STANLEY GREENBERG, Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector, part of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 2006


Chema Madoz Styles Window Displays for Hermès in Barcelona

September 20, 2013

Photographer and visual pun artist Chema Madoz teamed with Hermès to style the luxury brand's window displays in Barcelona, Spain. Vogue España covered the story.

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Paris Photo Agenda Highlights Upcoming Jessica Backhaus Exhibition

September 19, 2013

Born in Germany in 1970, Jessica Backhaus left for Paris when she was sixteen to study photography with the pioneering female photographer Gisèle Freund. By her mid-twenties, Backhaus was living in New York City, where she cultivated an affinity for and dexterity with bright colors. With shades of cobalt, violet, and ruby, she singlehandedly defies the notion that melancholy - or its close cousin, nostalgia - must be dull and dark.

Robert Klein Gallery and Ars Libri will exhibit Backhaus' work beginning Friday, October 4, 2013. Backhaus will also be featured in Robert Klein Gallery's booth at Paris Photo in November.

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JESSICA BACKHAUS, Lucky Strike, 2011


Boston Home magazine names Jessica Backhaus among its Fall 2013 Happenings

September 13, 2013

Gina Tomaine of Boston Home magazine writes, "German-born photographer Jessica Backhaus brings her color-soaked images to Robert Klein Gallery this fall. At once playful and purposeful, her work has also been shown at the National Portrait Gallery, in London, and the Martin-Gropius-Bau, in Berlin."


A selection of images from Once, Still and Forever will be on display at Robert Klein Gallery from Saturday, October 5, through Saturday, November 30. Earlier work from the series I Wanted To See The World and Symphony of Shadows will be on view at Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) from Friday, October 4, through Saturday, October 26.

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JESSICA BACKHAUS, I Wanted To See The World #43, 2011


Mark Cohen in Paris

September 4, 2013

Le Bal, a relatively new exhibition space in Paris devoted exclusively to the document-image, will show Mark Cohen's photographs through December 8, 2013. The exhibition is called Mark Cohen: Dark Knees, 1969-2012.

Over the past 40 years Mark Cohen has walked the length and breadth of the streets in and around his hometown, seizing - or rather extracting - fragments of gestures, postures and bodies. In his photos we see headless torsos, smiling children, willing subjects yet still frighteningly vulnerable, thinly sketched limbs and coats worn like protective cloaks.

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MARK COHEN, Untitled (Boy and Bag), 1974


Jessica Backhaus and Gisèle Freund Show Together at Kunsthalle Erfurt

September 2, 2013

Jessica Backhaus will have her first major museum show at the Kunsthalle in Erfurt, Germany, this month. The exhibition, curated by Silke Opitz, will open on Thursday, September 19, at 7 PM.

Backhaus' photographs will be shown alongside works by Gisèle Freund in a new exhibition format called "CC" or "Classic Contemporary." Freund was an inspiration and mentor to Backhaus in the earliest stages of her career.

Backhaus will have her first show in Boston this October. The installation at Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) opens on Friday, October 4; the installation at Robert Klein Gallery (38 Newbury St) opens on Saturday, October 5.

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Recasting the familiar: Hiroshi Masaki returns to Japan to photograph his birthplace

August 20, 2013

Cate McQuaid, art critic at The Boston Globe, writes, "It’s hard to imagine letting go all presumptions about your hometown; that would be like looking at your parents without bias. One way for an artist to do it, though, would be to approach the old familiar places with an eye toward form rather than narrative. And form is easier to see without the distraction of figures hanging about."

Hiroshi Masaki "has exceptional talent for capturing velvety gradations of tone. Meirincho, 2011, the most stunning photo in the show, depicts the corrugated metal face of an industrial building under a cloud-mottled sky. The grays in the building vary as they do above. Some panels of metal degrade and discolor; others appear new and shiny. It’s not a commentary on industrial decline, but a harmonic checkerboard of texture and tone."

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HIROSHI MASAKI, Meirincho, 2011 (from the series Uwajima: A Private Landscape)


FlakPhoto Features Rebecca Norris Webb in Photo of the Day

August 20, 2013

Originally a poet, Rebecca Norris Webb has published three photography books that explore the complicated relationship between people and the natural world — The Glass Between UsViolet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba (with Alex Webb), and My Dakota, which interweaves her text and photographs from her home state of South Dakota. My Dakota was selected as one of best photography books of 2012 by PDN, Photo-Eye, and Time.

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REBECCA NORRIS WEBB, Badlands Reflection, Badlands, South Dakota (from the series Field Guide to Silence), 2013


The New Yorker Reviews Rebecca Norris Webb

August 8, 2013

Rebecca Norris Webb has work exhibited at Ricco/Maresca through August 17. Says The New Yorker, "The photographer and poet grew up in South Dakota and sees the state’s landscape through the lens of grief for a brother who died. But that fact is not immediately apparent in these big, strong color photographs of sprinting deer, drooping sunflowers, and wide-open spaces. They offer an insider’s view, full of personal history, much of which remains coded. 'Does loss have its own geography?'"

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REBECCA NORRIS WEBB, Buffalo Roundup (from the series My Dakota), 2012


A Jewish Art Tour of Boston

August 8, 2013

In The Jewish Journal Online, writer Matt Robinson recently highlighted some of Boston's prominent gallery owners. Robinson sat down with Robert Klein to discuss the gallery's place in The Hub.

"'My gallery has a foundation in selling established names in the history of photography,' Klein said, 'but has a program of promoting mid-career and new talent through exhibitions and art fairs.' In this way, Klein does what he can to support younger talents. When asked about Jewish artists he has worked with over the years, Klein mentions Roman Vishniac, Paul Strand, Alfred Stieglitz, Michal Safdie, Bill Jacobson, Sally Gall and Aaron Siskind. Although he has compiled Jewish-themed shows, he does not have what he terms a 'specific agenda.' He does submit that Judaism has 'a sense of history that is defined by the tradition of constructing…compelling stories and myths,' and suggests that the Jewish tradition of passing stories on reflects themes inherent in collecting art.


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Standing, Waiting, Serving, Showing: Gregory Vershbow Reviewed by Bmoreart

August 2, 2013

Gregory Vershbow's photographs are on display at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, through September 8, 2013. The exhibition, Site Unseen, was reviewed by Kerr Houston in Bmoreart earlier this month. Kerr writes, "Gregory Vershbow’s Site Unseen, currently on view at The Walters, [is] a suite of twelve affecting color photographs of artworks temporarily removed from the public view. Veiled in sheets of plastic, set into insulated boxes, or framed by planks of scaffolding, the artworks that are the nominal protagonists of these images endure with a resolute dignity that can subtly alter, if you allow it to, the way in which you think about museum practice and display."

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GREGORY VERSHBOW, DC #1 (from the series Art in a Liminal Space), 2010


Rebecca Norris Webb's "My Dakota" featured in NOMADS

August 1, 2013

Rebecca Norris Webb is featured in issue 4 of NOMADS, an online travel magazine featuring stories and images by world-renowned artists and journalists.

Of her featured image, Black Birds, Near Gray Goose, South Dakota, 2006, Norris Webb writes, “I remember coming upon this flock of some thousand blackbirds near the Missouri River. I was mesmerized by how they flew through the stormy, unsettled Western sky as if they were one huge, dark, undulating, ravenous creature, picking clean the remains of the corn and sunflower fields in the last days of autumn.”­

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REBECCA NORRIS WEBB, Black Birds, Near Gray Goose, South Dakota, 2006


Chema Madoz Lands Cover Page of Harper's Magazine

July 1, 2013

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz was featured on July's cover of Harper's Magazine. Pick up a copy on newsstands now!

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London Evening Standard Highlights Paulette Tavormina

June 17, 2013

Writes Sue Steward of London Evening Standard, "American still-life photographer Paulette Tavormina is a collector. Her work is closely linked to 17th-century Spanish still-life paintings with elaborate constructions similarly including fruit and vegetables. Bread and Dragonfly, after J.V.H., 2011, is a symbolic reminder of the short-lives of dragonflies and the speedy decay of bread."

Paulette Tavormina's photographs are part of a group show at London's Chris Beetles Fine Photographs Gallery. The exhibition, Fragile, will be up through July 6.

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PAULETTE TAVORMINA, Bread and Dragonfly, after J.V.H., 2011


Feature Shoot Brings Us Jim Dow's Photographs of BBQ Joints Across America

June 12, 2013

"Whether it’s pit cooked, slow smoked, dry rubbed, or drenched in sauce, people take their barbeque seriously. The variations are endless and the pride runs deep. It’s a regional thing with strong roots, coveted secrets and bragging rights, and everyone will tell you their’s is the best. Veteran photographer Jim Dow has been traversing the country for decades, shooting America’s roadside signs, barbershops, diners, churches, motels and ballparks. Here he surveys barbeque joints, old-school and new."

Feature Shoot showcases all genres of work from both up-and-coming and established photographers.

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JIM DOW, Sign at Kelly's BBQ, Covington, Georgia, 1998


The Style Saloniste Lauds Paulette Tavormina

June 11, 2013

After seeing Paulette Tavormina's show at MARCH in San Francisco, Diane Dorrans Saeks of The Style Saloniste wrote: "But look at how she loves a little decay…the wilted leaves, the faded flowers, the juicy peaches and plums with bugs and creatures creeping and crawling.
"With a painterly perspective reminiscent of Francisco de Zurbaran, Adriaen Coorte and Giovanna Garzoni, [Paulette] Tavormina creates worldly still lifes."

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Kokoelmasta: Finnish and Finnish-American Art from the Finlandia University Collection

June 8, 2013

In conjunction with FinnFest USA 2013, the Finlandia University Gallery will exhibit works by 29 Finnish American and Finnish artists, all from the gallery's permanent collection, from June 6 to September 4, 2013. The gallery is located in the Finnish American Heritage Center, Hancock, MI.

Robert Klein Gallery artist Arno Rafael Minkkinen has works in the Finlandia University Collection and will be included in this upcoming exhibition, Kokoelmasta.

If you're in Michigan, be sure to visit!

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ARNO RAFAEL MINKKINEN, Dead Horse Point, Utah, 1997


The New York Times Sunday Book Review: 'Various Small Books'

May 31, 2013

Steven Heller of The New York Times explores the playful and obsessive world of Ed Ruscha, as it is explained in VARIOUS SMALL BOOKS: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha.

"'I am interested in what is interesting,' Ed Ruscha said in 1971. His books from the ’60s and ’70s are the inspiration for VARIOUS SMALL BOOKS: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha (MIT Press, $39.95), edited by Jeff Brouws, Wendy Burton and Hermann Zschiegner, a collection of pictures and essays showing how other artists have copied, parodied or otherwise paid homage to these works. It begins with a book cover that echoes Ruscha’s signature typographic style and then works its way chronologically through the artist’s numerous acolytes."

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Changes at 38 Newbury Street

May 28, 2013

Cate McQuaid of The Boston Globe writes of the Galleries at 38 Newbury Street: Ellen Miller Gallery will merge with Howard Yezerski Gallery in June, vacating its space at 38 Newbury Street. "Acme Fine Art has announced plans to move to the Thayer Street neighborhood, and has already set up a temporary third floor space at 450 Harrison Ave. Martha Richardson Fine Art and Robert Klein Gallery have signed new leases at 38 Newbury, but Klein will maintain a presence on Harrison Avenue, with a satellite gallery at Ars Libri."

We will miss having Ellen Miller Gallery and Acme Fine Art just across the hall but wish them best of luck in their transition to the South End. We look forward to many more years at 38 Newbury Street, and thank everyone who has supported us in this space.

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Asia Society's Unprecedented Show of Iranian Modernism

May 9, 2013

From Blouin ArtInfo: "An unprecedented exhibition at New York’s Asia Society this fall brings together 26 artists in the first major loan exhibition of Iranian modern art. Iran Modern is on view from September 6, 2013 to January 5, 2014, and includes over 100 artworks produced before the Iranian Revolution of 1979, celebrating Tehran as an international artistic mecca where modernism’s influence flourished."

Gallery artist Rana Javadi is included in the exhibition.

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Asia Society Set to Debut Unprecedented Show of Iranian Modernism
RANA JAVADI, Breaking into the Police Station. 23 Bahman 1357 (February 12, 1979), 1979


Carol Golemboski Wins "Outstanding E-Book Achievement" for Psychometry

May 8, 2013

Go Carol! New York Foundation for the Arts speaks with Carol Golemboski about her new interactive artist’s book for the iPad, Psychometry, based on her photographic series of the same name. Psychometry recently won the "Outstanding E-Book Achievement" award from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Psychometry is available for download through iTunes.

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Psychometry, available for download through iTunes


Chema Madoz

May 8, 2013

DesignTAXI highlights Madrid-based photographer Chema Madoz's surreal, serene, and often humorous photographs.

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CHEMA MADOZ, Untitled, Madrid, 2004


Gallery Director Eunice Hurd to Serve on Boston Jury for THE FENCE at Photoville

April 17, 2013

Robert Klein Gallery Director Eunice Hurd will serve on the Boston Jury for THE FENCE at Photoville 2013. Photographers of all levels are invited to submit their best image series that capture the essence of “community” and fit into one or more of the competition categories: HOME, STREETS, PEOPLE, CREATURES, PLAY. To submit your work, click here.

"United Photo Industries, Photo District News (PDN), and Brooklyn Bridge Park welcome their newest partner, Flash Forward Festival, as they once again join forces to curate and produce THE FENCE 2013 – the annual summer-long outdoor photo exhibition that drew over 1 million visitors during its 10 week run at Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2012."


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© Stefan Falke, THE FENCE at Photoville 2012


Huffington Post Covers the AIPAD Photography Show, Names Cig Harvey as Highlight

April 7, 2013

"It's that time of year, New Yorkers, when the Park Avenue Armory's massive indoor space is transformed into one of the city's biggest photography events -- The AIPAD Photography Show. This year more than 80 fine art dealers have come together to showcase a wide range of photographic works, video and new media in the 33rd edition of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers soiree. Ranging from well-known 19th century snapshots to contemporary works by emerging artists, the event's lineup includes names like Frieke Janssens, Weegee and Cig Harvey."

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CIG HARVEY, The Pale Yellow Cadillac, Sadie, Portland, Maine, 2010


Art in America Names Robert Klein Gallery Among Top Ten Booths at the AIPAD Photography Show

April 5, 2013

Tracy Zwick of Art in America writes, "[r]ounding out the contemporary field, Bill Jacobson has shifted his attention from out-of-focus images to Ellsworth Kelly-like clarity in abstraction, with his Place (Series).... Jacobson won a Guggenheim Fellowship last year. His newest work comprises deceptively simple, spare geometric images in black and white and primary colors mostly, resulting from Jacobson's placement of variously sized rectangles in an array of constructed and natural settings."

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BILL JACOBSON, Place (Series) #788, 2012


Interview Magazine Has an Eye on the AIPAD Photography Show

April 4, 2013

Rachel Small of Interview Magazine included Paulette Tavormina's Flowers and Fish III, 2012, in her roundup of the AIPAD Photography Show. "[Skimming] the selections on the impressively crowded white-walls," writes Small, Tavormina's sumptuous still lifes stood out.

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PAULETTE TAVORMINA, Flowers and Fish III, after G.V.S., 2012


Cig Harvey's Work Named PDN's Photo of the Day

April 4, 2013

In anticipation of the 2013 AIPAD Photography Show New York, which opened to the public on April 4, PDNOnline highlighted Cig Harvey's photograph, The Pomegranate Seeds, Scout, Rockport, Maine, 2012.

PDNOnline, the website of Photo District News magazine, is the trusted source of news, inspiration, photography tips and useful business information for the professional photographer.

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Blouin ArtInfo Counts Cig Harvey

April 3, 2013

Cig Harvey, together with Alex Prager, Didier Massard, Frieke Janssens, and Steven Wilkes, was featured in Blouin ArtInfo's Highlights from the AIPAD Photography Show. Harvey's featured image is one of her most recent works, part of series she is tentatively calling Gardening at Night.

Harvey's monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency was released by Schilt Publishing in 2012.

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CIG HARVEY, The Pomegranate Seeds, Scout, Rockport, Maine, 2012


National Geographic Features Rebecca Norris Webb

April 1, 2013

The April 2013 issue of National Geographic features work by Rebecca Norris Webb from her series My Dakota. In Ghost Mountain, Faith, South Dakota, an image of Wyoming’s Devils Tower monolith works as wordless signage for the Tower Stool Company of Faith, South Dakota. Local artist Norman Blue Arm painted the mural on the firm’s garage door.

A two-page spread highlighting the image appears in the column "Visions of Earth."

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REBECCA NORRIS WEBB, Ghost Mountain, Faith, South Dakota (from the series My Dakota), 2009


Photograph Magazine Praises Bruce Davidson Exhibitions in Boston

April 1, 2013

"Although the history of street photography is full of stolen glances, photographers who engage directly with their subjects require a well of trust. Bruce Davidson draws from both traditions, and Boston viewers enjoyed a treasure trove of his best work in three separate venues."

- Edie Bresler, Photograph

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BRUCE DAVIDSON, Time of Change, 1963


Jessica Backhaus Celebrated by The Curated House

April 1, 2013

Sarah Walker of The Curated House writes, "Today, I hope the search for inspiration teaches us all to slow down a bit and see the world through fresh eyes....I feel I see that practice of - slowing down to see things through fresh eyes - through the lens of art photographer Jessica Backhaus. Her I Wanted To See The World series has reminded me that beauty is often reflected back for us to admire if we only take the time to see it clearly."

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Old Master, New Technology: Bon Appetit Chats with Paulette Tavormina

March 18, 2013

"These may look like oil paintings straight out of the 17th century, but New York-based artist Paulette Tavormina has managed to create the same effects of light and shadow, life and decay, with fresh food and her digital camera."

To find out where she collects her fruit and flora and what inspires her most, read the complete interview with Bon Appetit.

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PAULETTE TAVORMINA, Lemons and Pomegranates, after J.v.H., 2010


Alex Webb Travels to Peru for National Geographic

March 14, 2013

Mahogany's Last Stand. In a series published in April 2013's National Geographic, Alex Webb unearths the impact of illegal logging on Peru's mahogany and its people. "Loggers are turning their chain saws on lesser known species critical to the health of the rain forest."

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ALEX WEBB, Puerto Breu, Peru, 2013


Paulette Tavormina's Work Named "Current Obsession" by Remodelista Team

March 10, 2013

The West Coast is abuzz with excitement for Paulette Tavormina, whose photographs are currently on exhibit at MARCH in San Francisco, California. A specialty kitchen and pantry shop, MARCH will show Tavormina's work through June 1, 2013.

The Remodelista Team, self-professed design lovers, included the MARCH show of Tavormina's photographs in its March 10th list of Current Obsessions.

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PAULETTE TAVORMINA, Watermelon Radishes (from the series Natura Morta), 2009


The Walters Museum Brings Gregory Vershbow, "Site Unseen"

March 9, 2013

Site Unseen. This upcoming exhibition of photographs by Gregory Vershbow explores the interactions of art objects and environments ordinarily hidden from public view. In storage facilities, conservation laboratories, and at monuments under restoration, Vershbow photographs artworks wrapped in plastic, protected by foam, nested in boxes, and covered by cardboard. The exhibition features photographs taken at the Walters Art Museum as well as images from museums and monuments worldwide.

Site Unseen will open on Saturday, July 6, 2013, at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD.

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GREGORY VERSHBOW, Maximilian, Washington, D.C. (from the series Art in a Liminal Space), 2010


Bruce Davidson Interviewed by Le Journal de la Photographie

February 27, 2013

Bruce Davidson: The Natural Soul. In an exclusive interview with Jonas Cuénin of Le Journal de la Photographie, Bruce Davidson discusses Boston, Brooklyn Gang, and how he learned to be "entirely truthful."

Bruce Davidson: Witness, a selection of vintage and modern prints from Brooklyn Gang, Time of Change, and East 100th Street, will be on display at the Robert Klein Gallery (38 Newbury St) and Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) through March 30.

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BRUCE DAVIDSON, East 100th Street, 1966-1968
Vintage gelatin silver print


Mcininch Art Gallery at SNHU Announces "Childhood Observed"

February 20, 2013

Deborah Varat, director of the McIninch Art Gallery at SNHU, announces Childhood Observed, an exhibition of photographs from the last 100 years. Included in the show will be "Birds at Home, 2007" by Robert Klein Gallery photographer Julie Blackmon.

Writes Debbie Disston, Director of the McIninch Art Gallery, "[t]he magic of childhood is one of the central tenets of western culture in modern times. We celebrate the wonderland joy that we nostalgically associate with our own early life. Childhood as actually lived, though, is neither as innocent nor as fragile as we are inclined to remember. This exhibit, by presenting a range of candid photographs of children from the last 100 years, strives towards a more authentic view of childhood stripped of sentiment and cliché."

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JULIE BLACKMON, Birds at Home, 2007


The MIT Press Releases Various Small Books: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha

February 19, 2013

Robert Klein Gallery photographers Jeff Brouws and Wendy Burton, together with The MIT Press and co-editor Herman Zschiegner, announce the release of Various Small Books: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha. Featuring mundane subjects photographed prosaically, with idiosyncratically deadpan titles, Ed Ruscha's “small books” were sought after, collected, and loved by his fans and fellow artists. Over the past thirty years, close to 100 other small books that appropriated or paid homage to Ruscha’s have appeared throughout the world.

Various Small Books: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha is an exploration of the many tributes that have been made in Ruscha's honor. Jeff Brouws' homages to Ruscha include Twentysix Abandoned Gasoline Stations. Wendy Burton's homage to Ruscha is Real Estate Opportunities.

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Various Small Books, The MIT Press, 2013


Rebecca Norris Webb's Work Featured in The New York Review of Books

February 4, 2013

Rebecca Norris Webb's photograph "Kitchen Window, 2012" was included in a feature in The New York Review of Books.

Norris Webb's monograph My Dakota was released by Radius Books in 2012. She will return to South Dakota, where the series was photographed, this winter. Writes Norris Webb, "I'm heading West soon to work in the silence and solitude of the Badlands."

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REBECCA NORRIS WEBB, Kitchen Window (from the series My Dakota), 2012


Kunsthalle Erfurt Will Exhibit Jessica Backhaus & Gisele Freund in 2013

January 16, 2013

The presentation of Jessica Backhaus (b. 1970) and Gisèle Freund (1908-2000) is a new exhibition format, initiated by the Kunsthalle Erfurt. "CC" stands for "Classic Contemporary." Despite the differences in their photographic works, Backhaus's and Freund's paths in life crossed when they met in Paris in 1992. In addition to several photo series by Backhaus, the exhibtion features numerous works by Freund, selected by Backhaus and curator Silke Opitz.

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JESSICA BACKHAUS, Harbor (from the series Once, Still and Forever), 2010


Robert Klein Gallery at The Armory Show - Modern 2013

January 10, 2013

For the second consecutive year, the Robert Klein Gallery will exhibit fine art photographs at The Armory Show – Modern. Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, the fair is dedicated to international dealers specializing in historically significant modern and contemporary art.

The fair takes place March 7 - 10, 2013 at Pier 92 in New York City. Visit us in Booth 152, where we'll be exhibiting classic works by Alfred Stieglitz and Irving Penn, among others.

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Robert Klein Gallery at The Armory Show – Modern 2012


Stephan Brigidi, A Good Friend of RKG, Seeks Funding for "Afraid of the Dark: A Venetian Story"

January 10, 2013

Stephan Brigidi needs your support! He writes, "Afraid of the Dark is a project that has evolved over four decades and reflects the growth and development of my work.  Your support for this will allow me to complete this first phase of the final design and production of artist's proofs needed toward mass-market publication."

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STEPHAN BRIGIDI, Figura 1, 1995


Alex Webb Featured on New York Times Lens Blog

January 8, 2013

In this Q&A about his career in photography, Alex Webb says:

"The words 'planning and forethought' imply a level of rationality. Instead, I sense the possibility of a picture. It might be a group of people, it might be the look of a corner, I can’t say what it might be until I see it. It’s all about having a feel for the street."

Webb has been photographing for over thirty years and is a member of Magnum Photos.

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ALEX WEBB, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2003


PDN Announces Notable Photo Books of 2012, Includes Work by Cig Harvey and Rebecca Norris Webb

December 19, 2012

The editors of PDN today announced their selections for Notable Photo Books of 2012. Included on the list are books by two of our talented photographers whose work we also exhibited in 2012: Cig Harvey and Rebecca Norris Webb.

Harvey's monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency is "a journey that is both personal and universal."

Norris Webb's My Dakota is an intimate look at grief in "the landscape of her youth."

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The Walters Art Museum to Exhibit Gregory Vershbow in 2013

December 18, 2012

In storage facilities and conservation laboratories, and at monuments under restoration, Gregory Vershbow photographs art objects wrapped in plastic, protected by foam, nested in boxes and set in surprising juxtapositions with other objects from different eras. The 2013 exhibition of Vershbow's work at The Walters Art Museum will premiere photographs taken at the museum alongside images from museums and monuments in the United States and abroad.

The exhibition Site Unseen will open on Saturday, July 6, 2013, and run through Sunday, September 8, 2013.

Vershbow's series Art in a Liminal Space was exhibited at the Robert Klein Gallery in the fall of 2011. He earned an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011.

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GREGORY VERSHBOW, Wrapped with Care (from the series Art in a Liminal Space), 2009


IdeasMag Interviews Roger Ballen

December 18, 2012

Roger Ballen, the American-born photographer who lives and works in South Africa, never set out to study photography. "To me photography was always an art form, a special thing. I don’t have any interest in the commercial side of it. Working in advertising or journalism had no appeal." Ballen discusses geology, artistic vision, and Die Antwoord in this candid IdeasMag interview.

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ROGER BALLEN, Eugene on the Phone, 2000


"Re-visioning" Rebecca Norris Webb's My Dakota on Flak Photo

December 4, 2012

Darius Himes and David Chickey of Radius Books sat down with Robert Klein Gallery photographer Rebecca Norris Webb to discuss her 2012 monograph My Dakota. Says Chickey, "I think it's rare to find an artist who so eloquently blends text and images."

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REBECCA NORRIS WEBB, Cottonwoods, 2012


Adore Noir Features David Fokos

December 1, 2012

Photographer David Fokos was interviewed by Adore Noir magazine for the publication's 11th edition. Says Fokos, "Much of my work has to do with encoding the element of time within a static image."

To read the full interview, please contact

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DAVID FOKOS, Beach Comet, Chilmark, Massachusetts, 2010


Cig Harvey Featured in The Sunday Times

November 25, 2012

Cig Harvey was one of 10 photographers honored this year with the Prix Virginia, an international photography prize for women. In light of her win, the UK's Sunday Times featured Harvey in its most recent edition!

We will be showing Harvey's newest work, five cinemagraphs, at CONTEXT Art Miami in December. For more information about the video work or the fair, please contact us at

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Vogue Italy Praises Robert Klein Gallery

November 16, 2012

Vogue Italy reporter Alessia Glaviano calls the atmosphere of Paris Photo 2012 "an almost mystical experience." In her summary of the fair, Glaviano highlights Paulette Tavormina's still lifes and the "marvelous" prints by Irving Penn on display in Robert Klein Gallery's booth.

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PAULETTE TAVORMINA, Flowers and Fish III, after G.V.S. (from the series Flowers, Fish and Fantasies), 2012


PDN Honors Cig Harvey with November 2012 Cover

October 5, 2012

Conor Risch of PDN talks to Cig Harvey about Maine, Star Wars, and photographing "the opposite of what I'm feeling."

Cig Harvey's monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency (Schilt Publishing) was released earlier this year.

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Jessica Backhaus Announces New Monograph, "Once, Still and Forever"

September 12, 2012

German-American photographer Jessica Backhaus has paired up with Kehrer Verlag again to publish her latest book, Once, Still and Forever. Writes the publisher, "What was once, still is and will forever remain is the artist’s infallible instinct for pictorial composition, a deftness she continues to take to new heights. Her views of ostensibly prosaic scenes open up to us a cosmos of unforeseen meanings while evoking a mood of affectionate familiarity."

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Wanderlust: Newbury Street

September 1, 2012

In the September/October issue of Artscope, Rosemary Chandler writes, "Located on the fourth floor of a brownstone, you would have no idea that the renowned Robert Klein Gallery of fine art photography (38 Newbury Street) was there if you weren’t looking for it. Known for its extensive inventory of photographs by 20th-century masters and its carefully curated shows of contemporary photographers..."

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Rebecca Norris Webb in Le magazine du Monde

August 25, 2012

In the August 25th issue of Le magazine du Monde, Rebecca Norris Webb writes: "I spent the last seven years photographing South Dakota. Sparsely populated, on the border of the Great Plains, it is the state where I grew up..."

Norris Webb's photographs from her book My Dakota will be exhibited at Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave) October 5 through 27.



Robert Klein Gallery Named Best Art Gallery, Photography

August 8, 2012

Many thanks to Boston magazine for naming us Best Art Gallery, Photography for the second year in a row! We are honored to be among the Best of Boston 2012.

"Few Boston galleries can claim to have an international following, but this small fourth-floor boutique on Newbury Street is a big-league player. When Robert Klein founded his gallery more than 30 years ago, he was one of the first to exhibit works by Diane Arbus, Annie Leibovitz, and Sally Mann. Throughout the years, his unerring eye for photography's best has resulted in a collection that rivals any in the world."

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Aesthetica Magazine Features Cig Harvey

August 7, 2012

Aesthetica, the UK's art and culture magazine, featured work by Cig Harvey in its August/September 2012 issue.

"If photographer Cig Harvey takes her inspiration from past and personal experiences, then the world in which she lives must be at once beautiful and terrifying. After spending time with intimate works such as The Girl with the White Towel and The Weathervane, it becomes clear that Harvey's subjects could be no other than family and close friends. Her photographs are an attempt to capture moments of uncertainty, as well as to celebrate love, hope and fear. Using colour, gesture and space to seduce the imagination, Harvey succeeds in creating a body of work that is both arresting to the eye and conceptually challenging."

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Boston Weekend Workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

August 2, 2012

Do you know where you're going next with your photography –– or where it’s taking you? This intensive weekend workshop will help photographers begin to understand their own distinct way of seeing the world. It will also help photographers figure out their next step photographically –– from deepening their own unique vision to the process of discovering and making a long-term project that they’re passionate about...

Contact Maja at the Robert Klein Gallery for more information:

A workshop for serious amateurs and professionals alike, it will taught by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, a creative team who often edit projects and books together –– including their joint book and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, exhibition, "Violet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba,” Alex’s recent Aperture book, “The Suffering of Light,” and Rebecca’s new Radius book, “My Dakota.”

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ALEX WEBB, Havana, Cuba, 2001


ARTINFO Names Robert Klein Gallery Booth at Art Southampton "Unexpected Delight"

July 27, 2012

ARTINFO reporter Reid Singer writes: "Zippy genre crossovers are hard to find in Southampton this weekend, and clunky pieces of video art or Neo-Pop were kept to a minimum."

"By no means does this make for a boring fair — at least for our tastes. For instance, Robert Klein Gallery’s display of photography by Irving Penn is an undisputed delight. The vintage Penn portraits of Jean Patchett and Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, recently acquired from the estate of his printer, Louis J. Gartner Jr, are both instantly recognizable and instantly charming."

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By the Book at Ars Libri

June 20, 2012

Continuing our partnership with Ars Libri (500 Harrison Ave), we will exhibit photography portfolios in the South End space from July 6 to August 31, 2012. By the Book will look at the obsessive and often narrative structure of photography portfolios. Individual portfolio prints by twentieth century photographers Aaron SiskindMario Giacomelli and Eliot Porter will be on view in addition to selections from The Hope Chest, Cig Harvey's 2010 collection of images and text, and the White Underpants Portfolio by Massachusetts-based photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Images from photographer Jeff Brouws' Partially Painted Pick-ups Portfolio will also be exhibited alongside a group of Wendy Burton's prints of empty birds' nests.

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JEFF BROUWS, Partially Painted Pick-ups Portfolio, 1993-2006


Rebecca Norris Webb at the Dahl Arts Center in South Dakota

June 13, 2012

Rebecca Norris Webb -- whose photographs we exhibited in Fall 2011 alongside those of her husband and creative partner, Alex Webb -- has been the subject of recent press for her 2012 monograph My Dakota. The book, an elegy for Norris Webb's brother who died unexpectedly, is a quiet testament to the shared power of photography and the written word. Today, Norris Webb was highlighted by Aperture's blog, Exposures

Stay tuned -- we're in the nascent stages of planning a Boston workshop with Webb and Norris Webb. You won't want to miss it!

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ALEX WEBB, Rebecca at the Dahl Arts Center, 2012


Cig Harvey Reviewed by The Boston Globe

May 23, 2012

In today's Boston Globe, art reviewer Cate McQuaid studies the detailed work of photographer Cig Harvey, whose work is on display in You Look At Me Like An Emergency through June 23. "The Maine-based photographer's sharp, fay, and poignant images are archetypal and autobiographical. Color, weather, and environment play a crucial role, stirring connotations of mood and the inner lives of the people she portrays."


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Bill Jacobson Receives 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship

April 13, 2012

Photographer Bill Jacobson has received a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship in Creative Arts - Photography.

In his application for the fellowship, Jacobson sums up his work as follows: “Inherent throughout is the dialogue between absence and presence, the constant fading of history, and the vagaries of human perception. Each body of work has references to our individual and collective memories, and the idea that we hold on to some images while, over time, let go of others.  For the past two and a half years, during two residencies at MacDowell and in my Brooklyn studio, I’ve been working on a new group of photographs titled Place (Series).  They are the result of inserting rectangles of various sizes and surfaces in both constructed and natural settings. Ideally, they question what is ‘real’ and what is ‘abstract,’ while suggesting that places, and the act of placing, come from choice, and desire.”

Images from Jacobson's Place (Series) will be exhibited at the Robert Klein Gallery this fall, September 15 - October 27, 2012.

Congratulations, Bill!

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BILL JACOBSON, Place (Series) #306, 2010


Bill Jacobson Reviewed by The New Mexican

April 6, 2012

Paul Weideman of The New Mexican's Pasatiempo writes, "The rectangle is a special shape in Bill Jacobson's newest Place (Series) photographs. Although there is nothing inherently, obviously cryptic about it, the vertical rectangular plane (sometimes barely taller than a square) appears iconic and powerful. In may remind you of the obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the way it seems to suddenly appear here and there in different contexts, including standing starkly in a field of clover against a forest background."

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BILL JACOBSON, Place (Series) #512, 2011


Mark Cohen and Roger Ballen: Chance and Circumstance" Reviewed by Big Red & Shiny

March 23, 2007

In the tradition of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Roger Ballen uses the square format black and white photograph to display the provocative trappings of human theater in heightened environments. Body parts, wire lines, animals, crusty walls enter Ballen’s frame in a seemingly endless progression of organized surreality.

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Roger Ballen, Hallway, 2001

Roger Ballen, Hallway, 2001


Big Red & Shiny Reviews "Kenro Izu: Nudes and Still Lifes"

September 30, 2006

Reviewer John Petro writes: "At a recent opening reception in Providence RI, a RISD professor explained to me that a glass of wine will sharpen the ability of the rods and cones to perceive lights and darks. Wine, mmmm. I’m sure the above information is a factor in why I’m so attracted to the Kenro Izu exhibition, Nudes and Still Lifes at Robert Klein Gallery on Newbury Street."

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KENRO IZU, #1021B (from the series BLUE), 2004
14 x 20 inch cyanotype over platinum palladium print





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